• Assessment and management of voice problems
  • Hoarse, weak or strained voice quality
  • Breathing difficulties and throat tightness, sometimes associated with respiratory and allergic conditions
  • Voice care education and therapy to improve the quality of vocal expression

19 April 2016

Why should you introduce peanut to your baby before the age of 12 months?

Here is an excellent one-minute video summarising the key points from the landmark 2015 NEJM LEAP trial.

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19 March 2016

4 key points from the updated 2016 ASCIA Infant Feeding Advice and Guidelines for Allergy Prevention in Infants:

1) Introduce peanut before 12 months – There is evidence that early introduction of peanut before the first birthday...

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18 February 2016

Australian-born children with Asian mothers have higher rates of nut allergy than Asian-born children who migrate to Australia.

This suggests that, while the Asian environment appears to be protective against food allergy, Australian-born Asian children are at...

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