4 key points from the updated 2016 ASCIA Infant Feeding Advice and Guidelines for Allergy Prevention in Infants:

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  • March 14, 2016

1) Introduce peanut before 12 months – There is evidence that early introduction of peanut before the first birthday is beneficial in reducing subsequent peanut allergy for infants at high risk of food allergies, such as those with severe eczema or who already had a food allergy reaction to egg.
2) Introduce egg before 8 months – It is not recommended that infants are fed raw egg, however there is moderate evidence for the introduction of cooked egg into the diet of infants with a family history of allergy before 8 months of age to reduce the risk of egg allergy.
3) Oily fish consumption – Up to 3 serves of oily fish per week during pregnancy and breastfeeding may be beneficial in preventing eczema in early life.
4) Use of partially hydrolysed formulas – There is NO consistent, convincing evidence to support that hydrolysed formulas (usually labelled HA or hypoallergenic) assists in allergy prevention in infants or children.
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