Dr Kate Simpson is a sleep-trained and general paediatrician who trained at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne and has worked in the Sleep disorders clinic at RCH since 2008. She completed her paediatric sleep medicine fellowship at Melbourne Children’s Sleep Centre, Monash Children’s Hospital, and completed a 12 month Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Sleep Science through the University of WA, achieving 100% in her final exam. She completed a PhD in 2010 in paediatric pulmonary hypertension through the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Department of Paediatrics and the University of Melbourne, graduating in the top 5% and being recommended for the Chancellor’s Prize in PhD Excellence. Her training has incorporated a diverse range of general and subspecialty paediatric areas.

Kate has ongoing clinical and teaching responsibilities at The Royal Children’s Hospital Sleep Clinic, has co-run workshops in treating paediatric behavioural sleep problems (through APS and ASA) and is an honorary consultant at Melbourne Children’s Sleep Centre (MCSC), Monash Children’s Hospital. She is very excited to be joining the team at Melbourne Allergy Centre and Children’s Specialists (MACCS) Medical Group, where her practice will primarily be in paediatric sleep medicine.

Kate also consults privately at The Epworth Sleep Centre, in East Melbourne, where her practice is in paediatric sleep medicine, and at Monash House, Clayton, and Fawkner Towers Specialist Centre, Melbourne, where she sees a combination of sleep, developmental and general paediatric patients. Kate refers patients for sleep studies publically at MCSC and privately at Cabrini Brighton Sleep Laboratory and Teddybear Sleep Services, East Melbourne.

Kate is interested in all aspects of paediatric sleep medicine, including the assessment and management of medically related and behavioural sleep issues (e.g. sleep apnoea, snoring, narcolepsy, delayed sleep phase syndrome, parasomnias, rhythmic movement disorders, night waking, sleep onset difficulties, infant sleep disturbance, sleep problems associated with autism/ADHD/anxiety). Kate also has expertise in a range of general paediatric, developmental/behavioural paediatric, and neonatal conditions, which she manages in her other practice locations.