Alessandra (Alex) Giannini is a Speech Pathologist with over 30 years experience in paediatrics. She works as a senior clinician at the Royal Children’s Hospital and has a special interest in throat conditions which affect the voice and breathing.

After completing her degree in Speech Pathology in Melbourne, Alex continued postgraduate training in child communication, family therapy, research, clinical teaching and Bioethics. Her breadth of training, and her long career at the Royal Children’s Hospital working closely with physicians and surgeons in the areas of Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), Respiratory and Allergy, gives her extensive knowledge of the causes, maintaining factors and treatment of voice and breathing disorders in children and adolescents. Her treatment approach reflects this broad understanding of health and development and she is passionate about achieving the best outcomes in partnership with families.

Alex is a regular presenter at professional conferences and is a guest lecturer at University of Melbourne. She has won RCH scholarships and research grants to advance the knowledge of children’s voice disorders. She is an ENT trained endoscopist for vocal tract imaging and is a published author in this area.

When not at work Alex enjoys being with her family, walking, art and music. She speaks Italian and supports Italian culture.


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